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Year 5 Virtual School Summer 8

Dearest Walker and Lichtenstein,

We were sad to hear that the government has decided that it is not possible for you all to return to school safely before the end of the school year. We still miss you all very much and hope that you are enjoying the work that we set for you and it is keeping you on your toes.

We would like to remind you, that despite this news, you are still in our classes and we are still your teachers. So, try your hardest to keep going with the work, and when it’s hard, tell us so we can help. If you can’t do it it’s important you let us know too so we can make a plan.

Please don’t forget to be in touch at least every two weeks so that we know you and your families are safe and well. Don’t worry if we don’t get back to you straight away as we are working at school in bubbles with the year groups that have returned, but rest assured you are very much in our thoughts and we always love to hear from you, no matter what.
Here are the class email addresses:


Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!
Ms Deudney and Miss McGroarty

This week's work


english icon

This week we’re going to take a journey to a dry and dusty land to imagine the life of a child who lives with some of the most endangered creatures on earth. So hold on tight and enjoy the adventure.

Yr5 English

Yr5 Reading

Y5 Spelling and Grammar


maths icon

Welcome back Year 5 mathematicians,
This week we’re learning about timetables and reminding ourselves how to tell the time! Can you create a timetable for your week? Good luck.

Yr5 Maths

Yr5 Maths su2 wk3 presentation 1
Yr5 Maths su2 wk3 presentation 2

Yr5 Maths su2 wk3 Answers


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We’ll be continuing our exploration of how has the Christian message survived for over 2,000 years by looking at belief and what beliefs we have. Let’s see what we find out…

Yr5 RE


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Today in Geography, you’re going to be moving from understanding climate to looking in more detail at the complex nature of Biomes, what are they, how they evolve and most importantly how we depend on them.

Yr5 Topic Overview

Yr5 Topic – Lesson 2 Biomes
Yr5 Topic – Lesson 3 Mountain Ranges and Rivers
Yr5 Topic – Lesson 4 Volcanoes and Earthquakes


science icon

This week in science, we’re heading into space to explore in more detail some of our cosmic neighbours. We have a challenge for you, can you find out what an exoplanet is?

Yr5 Science – Overview – Earth and Space


This week’s art lesson is here.


This week’s French lesson is here.


This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here.


This week’s Music lesson is here.