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Year 3 Virtual School Summer 8

Hello Gormley and Kandinsky class,

Welcome back to week 3 of the summer term. As always, thank you for your wonderful updates. We love hearing from you and seeing photos of the activities and work you have been doing.

In English, we are going to continue our adventures with the wonderful ‘Traction Man’. In maths, we will be continuing to learn all about addition but don’t forget about Times Tables Rock stars. While in history we still find ourselves in ancient Egypt learning about pyramids! Science Club continues too!

If you cannot print off worksheets, you will be able to complete the tasks in your exercise books or on any paper. The main thing is that you have a go!

Remember, we would like to hear from you at least once every fortnight. Please email the class email address below:


We can’t wait to see your amazing work.
Miss Cosby and Miss Evans

This week's work


english icon

We continue our adventure with Traction Man this week and become comic strip creators or play script writers!

Year 3 English – Overview

Traction Man Book

Yr3 English – L2 Storyboard Plan
Yr3 English – L3 Comic Book Template
Yr3 English – Extra Resources – Dress Traction Man

This week we are going to be reading about Egyptian Gods. There are 3 sets of questions.

  • bronze ** silver ***gold

Yr3 Reading – Comprehension
Yr3 Reading – TaskCards
Yr3 Reading – Comprehension answers
Yr3 Reading – Comprehension answers 2


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science icon

Welcome to Science Club week 3. Gravity and Magic tricks!

Yr3 – Science Club – Gravity


This week’s art lesson is here.


This week’s French lesson is here.


This week’s Wellbeing lesson is here.


This week’s Music lesson is here.