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Supporting Your Child

Monday 8th February 2021 – Supporting your child during a pandemic

Please find below the slides from the session
Supporting your child during a pandemic SJ&SC

Thursday 11th February 2020 – Helping children regulate their emotions by Pascale Mathers

Please find below the slides from the Positive Behaviour Strategies Parent Cafe
Positive Behaviour SJSC

Tuesday 19th November 2019 – Emotional well-being and resilience by Pascal Mathers

Please find below the slides from the Emotional Well-Being and Resilience Parent Cafe
Emotional Well Being and Resilience

Tuesday 20th November 2018 – Developing Motor Skills

Please find below the slides from the Developing Motor Skills Parent Cafe
Developing Motor Skills by Pascale Mather

Wednesday 21st March – Year 2 SATS Myth Busters

Please find below the slides from the Year 2 SATs Myth Busters Parent Cafe
SATs myth buster KS1

Friday 16th March – Curriculum Parent Cafe by Alli Crank

Please click here for the Ken Robinson video shown in the Curriculum Event

Tuesday 28th March 2017 – Inclusion Coffee Morning

Please find below the slides from Pascale Mather’s presentation on Assertiveness and Identity.
Assertiveness and Identity

We are committed to helping your child to become a successful and confident reader. High-quality phonics teaching gives children a solid base on which to build as they progress through school. They start by learning the 44 phonemes (sounds). Click here for a video of the 44 sounds.
Phonics Parents Workshop

Parent leaflet supporting your child with phonics and reading

Helping Your Child With Maths

You may feel that maths is taught very differently from when you were at school! In class much time is spent on teaching mental calculation strategies. Up to the age of about 8 or 9 (Year 4), informal written recording should take place regularly as it is an important part of learning and understanding. Formal written methods, which you will be more familiar with, should follow only when your child is able to use a wide range of mental calculation strategies.
Guide to how calculation is taught at St John’s and St Clement’s

Supporting Your Child’s Learning

These leaflets are designed for every year group and provide guidance on how you can support your child’s learning in reading, writing and mathematics. They explain the level that we would expect your child to be working at towards the end of the academic year.

Supporting your child’s learning Reception
Supporting your child’s learning Y1
Supporting your child’s learning Y2
Supporting your child’s learning Y3
Supporting your child’s learning Y4
Supporting your child’s learning Y5
Supporting your child’s learning Y6