Special Needs Provision

What kinds of special needs are provided for at St John's and St Clement's?

We support the following range of SEND:

St John’s and St Clement’s has a Hearing Impaired Resource Base for Southwark primary school children. Click here for more information about our Resource Base

In addition we support:

  • Cognition and learning difficulties – difficulties in thinking processes and understanding the world. Difficulties in acquiring skills and dealing with abstract ideas.
  • Communication and interaction – difficulties in talking to, listening, responding, understanding and playing with other children and adults.
  • Behavioural, Emotional and Mental Health – difficulties in expressing or understanding feelings, negotiating and solving problems in different situations, as well as handling changes to routines.
  • Sensory and/or physical needs – how a child responds to their environment and learning using their senses and any diagnosed issues.

The school recognises its duty to treat all children equally and endeavours to be a fully inclusive school.