If my child has SEN

What happens if my child does have SEN?

Depending on the level of the child’s need they may be placed on the school’s SEND register. Class teaching will be adapted as appropriate, for example extra resources provided/ extra adult support when needed/ a different teaching approach.

Other additional strategies that may be put into place include:

  • Small group intervention- this will have a specific aim and the impact assessed after a set amount of time. They are run by or under the supervision of the teacher.
  • Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings are sometimes arranged. These meeting include all professionals involved with your child and yourselves discussing concerns and creating a plan to address these.
  • Delivery plan- this involves the class teacher, Inclusion Leader and parents drawing up some specific targets for your child. To meet these targets your child may be part of intervention groups or get specialist support. Again these will be assessed after a set amount of time.
  • Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)- If a child continues to make no or little progress despite a range of interventions and advice, then the school, with parental consent, can request a formal assessment from the Local Authority. This will include reports from parents and all professionals involved and may lead to an EHCP. An EHCP details the provision the school must provide to meet the child’s needs and an annual review will be help to discuss progress and provision.